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A comprehensive diagnostic service of the highest quality! 

We offer an extensive portfolio of Clinical and Genetic Tests including a comprehensive NIPT screening tests.

Why Choose Us?

                       A comprehensive Diagnostic service of the highest quality!

With a menu of over 3,500 tests, Eurofins Biomnis has established its reputation for routine and esoteric tests. We have the broadest genetic tests portfolio covering 3,000 different genetic conditions. More than 6,000 genes are analysed for genetic abnormalities in state-of the- art accredited laboratories using molecular techniques and 3,000 NGS panels. Every test is performed to the highest standard every time by our dedicated staff. 

About Us

Eurofins Biomnis is a part of Eurofins Scientific Group. Our mission is to provide outstanding value and a uniquely comprehensive diagnostic and pathology services to doctors, clinics, hospitals and their patients. We offer the highest quality service at every stage of patient care, predisposition, prevention, diagnosis, treatment monitoring, and prognosis.

Eurofins Biomnis manages the entire supply chain from sample collection to state-of-the-art analysis and right through to online results access or reporting of results into client IT systems.


Eurofins Biomnis

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